carolAlways a love for animals, spending my younger life around my Uncle’s farm, the excitement being, the Agricultural Shows, when all the animals were prepared and exhibited with much achievement. I grew up with Horses, being a member of the Pony Club & Rockwood Harriers Hunt, very competitive at an early age. I had always had a love for the Boxer my ultimate dog, my miniature horse! I purchased my first boxer in 1979, attending match nights and open shows, then moving on to the Championship Shows, with much success over the years, winning CC’s at Crufts & Top UK Boxer puppy award’s over the years.

My judging career in our lovely breed started in 1997, graduating through the system, at a later date being approved and qualified for the A1 judges list by the Boxer Breed Council and UK Kennel Club to judge at Championship Shows. Since then many super Judging appointments and many a distant shore, Australia being the furthest one to date!! Also as a spectator, visiting many European shows from the early 1990’s. I served as a committee member for many years on the Anglian Boxer Club UK, helping to run the club and organize the Championship/Open Shows.

My Kennel Affix being Koppernox, but I have handled Boxers and other breeds successfully for many other Kennels, the other breeds being, English Mastiff, Korean Jindo, Bulldog and the latter The Top winning Saint Bernard Puppy 2012/Top Dog 2013 UK, whom I owned in partnership with his breeders, Lazeybears Saint Bernard’s.

We now reside in Spain, near the beautiful Village of Agres, leaving the UK, winning Top Boxer Kennel 2012 and Top UK Boxer.